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Welcome to Champagne_Music!

Welcome to Champagne_Music! This is my music blog where I can share my current playlists, favorite songs,  and random mood tunes with the world. Please read the rules in the userinfo and abide by them before you join. Also,  you MUST comment here BEFORE you join unless you recieved an invitation to join.

Remember, the RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. What you do with the music you collect here is your own responsiblity. I'm sharing music with the intention that you preview songs here, then go out and purchase the albums. By running this community I am NOT telling you not to buy the albums. I'm just giving you a mix playlist for you to preview artists. I still go out and purchase cds, I download legally via ITUNES, and I respect these artists. Please do the same! Because of this I will not be posting full albums...only a few songs from any given album including any advance albums I recieve.

I'll be updating at least once a week. I do not take requests except for a monthly REQUEST post where members can request and share music with one another as well as with me.

I'd love to have affilates with other great music blogs, if you have one and would like to become affilates please EMAIL ME and we'll work something out!!

Thanks everyone!
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